Explore "le Marche"

Have you ever considered falling in love with a place? If not, visit and carefully explore Le Marche! You are so spontaneously getting involved in regions natural atmosphere, that you will magically fall in Love with our wild, sweet places and people. Travel throughout our fairy green hills, walk and sink your feet in the warm golden sand, look at the fabulous sunset up to the uncontaminated mountaines, visit our remote hidden villages.. you will find out a new, unexpected world! A world of fairy tales, of music and silence, of warm colours, a world of natural made products. If it is not enough to move here, try to get in touch with spontaneous, natural, cheerful Marche´s inhabitants. You are going to admire their honesty and their care for the region. The regions plural name reflects our range of various dialects, cultures and landscapes.

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Special thanks to our dear friends and photographers: Daniele Silvi and Michele Ambrosini.