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Serra de´ Conti is an inland, medieval village surrounded by typical medieval castle walls.

Every year the famous “Festa della Cicerchia” (Chickling Pea Festival) takes place in our village to say Hello to Autumn. Chickling pea is a typical simple legume which grows in Marche´s territory, it has been a typical Marche´s course for a long time. Nowadays young and older people rediscover together chickling pea´s qualities and its different possible uses, creating new and traditional delicious courses. You can taste a delicious chickling pea plate, accompanied by a delightful Marche wine glass, in one of the charming castle cellars.

Serra´s inhabitants and visitors make party during Summertime in the well-known “Notte Nera” (Dark Night).

During the “Dark Night” you go through the misterious amazing experience of walking in the night without any artificial light. You admire Serra de´Conti and its landscape through natural light, exactly in the same way it was in Middle Ages. In this special night you will observe the sky enlightened only by shining stars and moon. Many artists as dancers, musicians and players are going to entertain you, with their unusual performances. This is the darkest night in the year!

Our office is located on the main central street: Corso Roma, 99


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Corso Roma 99 – Serra de’ Conti (AN)

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